Working together

with residents to build a brighter and safer community.

Developing our community

and empowering residents to have real control over their homes and environment


aims to provide a customer orientated service, good quality housing and a safe environment for all residents

Developing our community

and empowering residents to have real control over their homes and environment




Parking on the Cedars Estate: Parking enforcement commenced on the 7th December 2020 – All residents and or visitors must ensure they obtain a valid permit.

For further information, please read our latest news letter: October Newsletter 2020

We would like to announce the unfortunate passing of one of our beloved residents Ms Deborah Rosewell, who sadly passed away on the 13th January 2021 due to complications. Ms Rosewell was a parton of the Cedars Estate where she resided for almost 20 years.

Ms Rosewells daughter has set up a Gofund me page for anyone who wishes to kindly make a dontation towards Ms Rosewell funeral and memorial support fund – please select the following link: MsRosewellgofundme

General notification during office closure to the general public – Corona Virus - 7th December 2020 (updated from 3rd June 2020 )

During the closure of the office, please note that CETRA is still operating normally but with some exceptions. Contact can still be made with the office either via telephone and or email, from Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm. Please note however, during the current pandemic, there will be some services which have either been temporarily stopped or restricted  – some of  these are as follows:

  • Regular cleaning/estate inspections: We can confirm that regular cleaning and estate inspections are still being undertaken during the office closure. In addition, feedback concerning cleaning, estate maintenance and or estate repairs are also being provided by the cleaners & and our contractors. However, we welcome all residents to raise any issues/concerns with the office via email.


  • Estate and tenanted Repairs: CETRA will continue to carryout general repairs in properties based on their PR Codes: Urgent – PR1 within 24hrs, Urgent – PR2 - within 3 working days, Non-Urgent - PR3 within 7 working days, Routine – PR4 within 28 working days, Planned – PR5 within 90 days – All jobs are to be completed within the specified time frame unless specified otherwise.


  • Nuisance complaints/General complaints:  Nuisance & general complaints can still be raised but, we advise that any such complaints are raised via email – this will allow for a quicker response. Please note however, where in some cases nuisance and general complaints might require further investigation such as inspections/tests etc., these cannot currently be carried out. Therefore, and which is generally required, evidence to support a nuisance complaint such as noise, must be accompanied with the complaint received i.e. noise recordings/pictures etc. We will  as and when still proceed to send letters/emails of nuisance complaints and acknowledgements to both the complainee(s) & complainant(s).


  • Antisocial behaviour/suspicious activity: Residents are encouraged to still report any anti-social behaviour/suspicious activity to the office, as this will allow us to take action against those responsible – should they reside on the estate (and once the relevant investigation(s) has taken place). In addition to reporting any ABS/suspicious activity matters to the office, we strongly advise that you also report suspicious activity on the estate to the police, by contacting the non-emergency police number ‘101‘  – the police should be the first point of contact for such matters during the current closure of the office, as well as during out of hours & on weekends.


  • Social gatherings: CETRA has received several complaints during the current lockdown period of large gatherings on the green areas on the estate, specifically by the playground area. Rules about social gatherings is constantly changing by the government but, there will always be some who might ignore these rules not taking into account the seriousness of the current pandemic. Unfortunately, CETRA nor the council can enforce social distancing rules as we do not have the power to do so – only the police have the power to enforce social distancing rules, such as requesting large crowds to disperse and, issue fines – please remember to contact the ‘non-emergency’ police number ‘101‘ when reporting such issues.


We appreciate your patience during these difficult times and hope all residents on the Cedars Estate continue to stay safe & well.

We look forward to seeing all residents again in the near future.





(Pevious notification from the 13th March 2020)

Dear Residents,

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

You have no doubt heard the news that much of Europe is facing a coronavirus pandemic. The advice from the UK Government is for people to focus on personal hygiene, to self-isolate if you are showing any symptoms, to avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others.

Stringent new measures for pregnant women, those aged over 70 and people with certain health conditions have also been put in place and residents in this group are requested to stay home for 12 weeks.

We take the health of our employees and residents extremely seriously as well as the need to continue to service our residents at this difficult time. Our overriding aim is to continue to support our residents, without jeopardising the health and safety of our employees and you. As a responsible organisation, CETRA Housing Co-operative is following the advice of the UK Government and so we will be making changes to the way we deliver our services.

TMO Housing Office

The TMO office will be closed to all visitors from Friday 20th March until further notice. We will continue to provide a telephone service on 020 796 7555. Please also use the CETRA general email address to direct service requests. Please email:

Employees of the TMO maybe working remotely during this period. We ask that you remain patient during this difficult period. Please note tha e will also operate an emergency mobile on 07946 458 532 or 07720 828 773

Appointments and home visits have been cancelled.

Vulnerable residents 

CETRA appreciates that many of our residents are vulnerable and will require support during this period.   We have put in place a Welfare Check System, whereby we will be telephoning our elderly, sick and or disabled residents routinely to check on their welfare and to ascertain if they need any advice and or practical support during this period.

Please ensure you check on your neighbours during this period, whilst remaining safe. If you have any concerns’ regarding your neighbour, please contact us. If you wish to volunteer and support the TMO’s elderly and vulnerable residents, please contact us.

Metropolitan Police Warning

Unfortunately, we have heard that individuals may be taking advantage of the vulnerable by posing as door to door Covid-19 testers in order to gain access to your properties.  Please advise your friends and relatives that NOBODY is currently conducting ‘cold call testing’.

Emergency Repairs for Council Tenants.

During this period, CETRA will be providing an emergency repairs service ONLY and the repairs that we will attend to are listed below.

If the repair is not on the list, it will not be attended to but will be recorded and planned for when it is safe to do so.

  • An uncontrollable leak (burst pipe)
  • You have been a victim of crime and your property needs securing.
  • Blockage to a toilet or soil pipe where you only have one toilet in the property.
  • Blockage to a basin, sink or bath (unless caused by you)
  • A gas leak (National Grid emergency helpline0800 111 999)
  • Completing our annual Gas service
  • A complete loss of power

If you have any boiler emergency related repairs, such as water leaks or you are an elderly/vulnerable resident, please contact the office or report Directly to Gasnet on 020 8655 3330. Gasnet will continue to operate an emergency out of hours service. When our contractors attend your property, please can you keep a 2-meter distance from them and ensure any areas they are working in is clear from clutter etc.

CETRA has introduced a screening program for attending to repairs and working in residents’ homes, so please let us know urgently if:

  • You or anyone else, currently living in your property, is suffering from Cold/Flu like symptoms
  • You or anyone else, currently living in your property is self-isolating.
  • You or anyone else, currently living in your property is suffering from/been diagnosed with ‘Coronavirus’

Estate Parking arrangements

The estate parking regulations have been reinstated as of the 7th December 2020.

Rent and Service Charge Payments

Rent and Service charge payments remain payable. Please contact CETRA on 020 7926 7555 to make payment or use the debit and credit card number 0780 000 6116 (Homeowners text BAL & your INVOICE REFERENCE NUMBERTenants text BAL & your ACCOUNT NUMBER

Payments can also be made over the internet via the following address:

Social Morning Club for the elderly

This resident activity will be cancelled until further notice.

Welfare Benefits

If you have a change of employment/finances during this period, please contact Housing Benefit/Council tax department on 0345 302 2313 choosing Option 3, then option 2 and then option 2 again.  

Other useful telephone numbers: 

Universal Credit telephone  – 08003285644

DWP Telephone – 08007317898 or 08007310469

Estate Cleaning 

The estate cleaning service is not affected at this time and will continue. We ask that all residents help the cleaning service by: Disposing of your waste in the correct manner and use the facilities provided.

Have consideration for the cleaning staff and your neighbours.

Refuse and Bulk Collections

The above services are not affected at this time and will continue

CETRA will continue to provide updates on all the above as the advice changes.

For more information on Coronavirus visit:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you and stay well.

Yours faithfully

Anthony Forder – CETRA Manager

On behalf of the CETRA Committee





Privacy Statement


CETRA Housing Co-operative Limited working in partnership with Lambeth Council  Is committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services.  CETRA  manages the  Cedars Estate on behalf of Lambeth, therefore their Privacy Notice/Statement will include us in any obligation to advise residents of the Council’s notification of changes to the UK’s data protection requirements in respect of; why personal data is collected, what personal data is collected and how it is used together with individual rights to their data held.


The Privacy Notice/Statement is present on the Council’s website (see link below).