Nuisance & General complaints

Nuisance complaints

From time to time, there will be disputes between residents which may not be simple to solve directly between each other. Therefore CETRA provides a nuisance complaint service which allows residents to report issues to the office and we will investigate and try to resolve on their behalf.

The office deals with:

  • Dog fouling
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Physical and verbal abuse (including foul or offensive language)
  • Noise
  • Using and selling drugs
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Intimidating gatherings of young people in public places
  • Noise nuisance

CETRA only investigates noise nuisances  which relate to such things as noise from parties/gatherings and DIY works on the estate.

For all other noise nuisance complaints, these must be raised with Lambeth’s noise nuisance team.

Please contact Lambeths noise nuisance team directly on: 020 7926 5000.

Lambeths noise nuisance criteria when raising a nuisance complaint:

  • Three or more complaints from three different households must be made about a residential premises within a month.
  • Evidence must be gathered in order to progress matters.
  • Keep a nuisance diary
  • Send recorded evidence to support your allegations

Please note however, there are some nuisance complaints that Lambeth will not be able to deal with, regardless of the amount of complaints made, these are:

  • Complaints received anonymously
  • Complaints where the source of the noise is unknown
  • Complaints of noise from ordinary domestic activity such as banging, heavy walking, closing of doors, vacuuming, washing machines, use of showers/toilets, children playing, loud talking, shouting etc (this list is not exhaustive).


Dealing with problems yourself

Most people can be reasonable if approached in person. People are sometimes unaware that they are causing you a nuisance. Speaking with someone face to face is preferable to shouting at them or writing letters to them because they are less likely to become defensive.

If you feel it is possible to speak to your neighbour regarding the problem please see the tips below to avoid any possible counter allegations from the perpetrator.


Before approaching your neighbour:
• Think about what you want to say before approaching your neighbor.
• Have a clear and simple message in mind – it will give you more confidence.
• Be clear about what the problem is and think about how it affects you.
• Do not stray from the main issue.
• Think beforehand what the outcome is likely to be.
• Try and choose a good moment.
• Before you talk to your neighbour, try talking to another person e.g. a friend or the Housing Officer.
• Try and stay calm and friendly. Being aggressive is not going to help.
• Always listen to your neighbour and think about what they are saying. By listening as well as talking you help to build a good atmosphere where problems are more likely to be resolved.
• Try not to interrupt the other person when they are talking.
• Try not to shout, even if your neighbour does! Try to stay in control and not be abusive.
• Be tolerant
• If your neighbour is unreasonable – leave the discussion.

If you have tried to speak to your neighbour and the problem is still taking place, you can report the problem to the CETRA Housing Office. We are committed to supporting our residents’ right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their homes. Once a case is reported to the office we will treat your case with sensitivity and in a confidential manner.

To report a nuisance please contact the office or fill in the online form.


General Complaints


Our aim is to ensure that we can all enjoy the benefits of living in a harmonious, well-run estate at peace with our neighbours. We aim to resolve complaints in an efficient and consistent manner that respects the need for the confidentiality of all concerned.

What should I do if I am not happy with one of your services?
Stage 1

The Manager for CETRA Housing Co-operative is responsible for investigating all stage 1 complaints irrespective of service area. The contact details for the Manager are:

CETRA Manager, CETRA Housing Co-operative Limited, 27 Cedars Road, London, SW4 0PN
Phone: 020 7926 7555

We aim to respond to your complaint within ten working days.

What should I do if I am not happy with the manager’s reply?
Stage 2

If you are still not happy after the stage 1 investigation, you can complain to Lambeth Council’s Corporate Complaints Unit, explaining why you are dissatisfied. They will investigate your complaint and are independent of the service you are complaining about and will carry out a full review of your complaint.

They will acknowledge your stage 2 complaint within three working days and let you know how long it will take to give you a reply. They aim to send you a report of their investigation within 20 working days. If they need longer, they will explain the reasons for any delay and let you know when you can expect a full reply.

Corporate Complaints Unit , Lambeth Town Hall, London, sw2 1rw
 Phone: 020 7926 9694
Fax: 020 7926 0245
If I am still not happy?

If you are not happy with the way we have handled your complaint, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman. This is an independent national service that investigates complaints about local councils.

You can make a complaint to them at any time, however they will usually only investigate if you have already been through our own complaint procedure.

Phone: 0845 602 1983