Major works update

Major Work Updates


Roof Works

The roof works consisted of a further ‘overlay’ applied to the existing layer. The additional layer allowed recommended depth of insulation required under the current ECO standard to be met.

Telephone Services

SCCI Alphatract, working on behalf of BT have completed the rewire of all the existing telephone lines on the estate.

IRS TV Aerial system

Communal dishes were sited on a side elevation of some blocks which serves 5 blocks. The cabling was fitted vertically and applied within concealed ducting under the cladding.

Each dwelling now has internal reception box sited in the living room and was offered reception to the main bedroom. Properties that had more than 2 reception points were given a like for like service.

The internal reception box will allows normal digital & Freeview channels, as well as Hotbird satellite reception for foreign channels. Residents paying for Sky and other services will need to plug into the unit to maintain reception.

No further external installations of aerials / dishes will be allowed.

1st Floor chute hoppers frames

In order to allow the full cladding to be fitted to the top floor maisonettes, the existing metal doors on the 1st floors were removed. The framework’s width was reduced and the units replaced after the cladding had been applied.

Section 20′s

Section 20’s have been sent to all leaseholders. Leaseholders seeking advice or wishing to take up an issue are advised to contact Lambeth Homeownership on 020 7926 6700

Washing Lines

Existing washing lines on balconies have been removed and cannot be replaced. Residents should utilise clothes horses.