Organic garden

Organic community garden

Beside the play area on Victoria Rise, CETRA have set up a space for residents to grow vegetation. Our Organic Garden is a unique, locally managed piece of land. Tending to the garden is a communal effort by garden members and volunteers.

Residents were consulted and it began its life in 2009. The aim was to provide a community activity that involved the elderly, families and somewhere for the children to learn to grow and care for plants and vegetables. The garden consists of 21 plots including one raised bed for a disabled gardener.

As with other amenities, the organic garden plots will only be available for residents who are residing on the estate and are not in arrears.

The cost of the organic garden is a one-off charge plus a fee for the garden key. For a single plot it will cost £10.00, and for a double plot it will cost £20.00; the key will cost £2.00.

We are currently looking at a composting system which will allow residents to get rid of their food waste by turning it into compost for the organic garden. Updates will be provided as this project progresses.