Moving In

Tenancy agreement

When you signed your tenancy agreement you entered into a legal contract and became a tenant of Lambeth Council. You also agreed to the tenancy conditions, a document that set out your rights and responsibilities. The tenancy conditions apply to all tenants.


Introductory tenancy

All new tenants begin as introductory tenants. An introductory tenancy is like a trial period and usually lasts 12 months, after which the tenancy automatically becomes secure as long as no problems occur.

If problems do occur, for example rent arrears or anti-social behaviour, your TMO can extend the introductory tenancy or seek a possession order.


Secure tenancy

After the introductory tenancy most tenants become secure tenants, which mean that your tenancy can only be ended with a court order, if it is proven to the court that your TMO has a good reason to evict you.

If you become a secure tenant, you will remain one, so long as:
• The property is your only or main home
• You do not completely sublet your home
• The court does not make an order ending your tenancy