Gas Servicing

law and guidelines

By law, TMO’s must check all the gas appliances and pipe work installed by them in your home for leaks that could cause an explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. They can do this by carrying out a yearly safety check using a contractor on the Gas Safe Register.

After the safety check, the contractor will give you a copy of the annual gas safety certificate. They should also leave a sticker on your boiler with their contact telephone number.

You must allow the contractor into your home to do the safety check. The contractor will offer an appointment when the annual service is due. They will make the appointment to suit you where possible, but try to be flexible as well. Your TMO may take legal action against you if you do not let them complete your annual gas safety check. To stop your TMO taking legal action, you must let them know if you are going to be away for any length of time.