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All properties are prone to wear and tear over time and so residents are advised to report repairs as soon as possible to try to get the problem solved.

When reporting repairs to CETRA, the more detail that is provided, the better.

Normally all repairs are inspected by CETRA’s caretaker/handy person, however in some instances the job is passed directly to our contractors.

In June 2010 we appointed GASNET Repairs and Maintenance Division to deliver the repairs and maintenance service to the Cedars Estate. The procurement process was a joint exercise with another Lambeth TMO and we were able to secure substantial savings from the economies of scale. It is one of our aims to ensure that this service is of the highest calibre and the various performance targets are met. Residents can report a repair by contacting the office.

We normally give residents a morning or afternoon appointment at a date appropriate to the urgency of the repair. Out of Hours reporting is provided through Lambeth’s call centre and passed onto GASNET.

Repairs have a strong impact on the overall satisfaction levels. Therefore CETRA will aim to improve this service with particular regard to the way staff deal with repair requests, ensuring we have a repairs reporting programme that is fit for purpose, how well staff understand the nature of repair and the overall quality of the repair work.


TMO Service standards set out what will be done and how quickly repairs will be carried out. Your TMO is committed to keeping to these standards and they explain the level of service you can expect from them.

Every repair has a priority code. The target time for the repair depends on its priority. Your TMO’s timescales are in line with the Right to Repair regulations.