The Cedars Estate is a private estate and only authorised vehicles are permitted to park on the estate. Permitted vehicles must have valid tax and permits are issued by CETRA, not Lambeth Council.

Permits are issued free of charge to residents providing they meet the relevant requirements.

To see if you are eligible for a permit please read the parking terms & conditions (which also includes the parking appeals procedure) Updated:  Parking Terms and Conditions – October 2020

The permits allow vehicles to be parked on the estate slips roads; they will not work on Wix Lane, Cedars Road or Victoria Rise.

The following areas are restricted areas:

• All areas with double yellow lines
• All cross hatch areas
• All points of access and exits to the estate
• In front of a garage where the garage number is not on your permit
• In front of block gates or within blocks

If you lose your permit, we charge a replacement fee of £75.00 and the permit cannot be issued until the fee has been paid.

 Visitors Permits

Residents wishing to purchase a daily visitors permit can do so at the cost of £5 per day. We ask that Residents apply for the daily visitors permit a minimum of 24 hours in advance and provide us with the registration of the vehicle that will be using the permit (where possible). We understand that it is not always possible to provide 24 hours’ notice therefore Residents MUST contact the CETRA Housing Office on 0207 926 7555 to request a daily permit.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the Residents responsibility to ensure they have obtained a valid Daily visitors parking permit BEFORE parking on the Cedars Estate. Residents parking on the Estate without obtaining a valid parking permit beforehand do so at their own risk.


Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement is undertaken by PPS (Private Parking Solutions) who patrol the estate daily and issue Parking Charge Notices (PCN) if your car is not parked according to the terms and conditions. Payments and appeals must be made to PPS and not CETRA. We do not deal with first stage complaints and appeals.

In order to be issued a permit there must not be any rent, service charge or garage arrears. Proof must be provided if you have made payment to clear arrears showing when applying for a permit.

If you believe a notice was issued incorrectly, you can appeal against the decision. For appeals against PCN’s, you must go through PPS appeals procedure.