CETRA Housing Co-operative Ltd. Is a tenant management organisation (TMO) responsible for undertaking Housing Management functions for the residents of Cedars Estate since 1997. We operate under a management agreement form of contract held with Lambeth and take care of the estate of their behalf.

A TMO is an organisation set up by local tenants and residents to run an estates housing services. A TMO is set up to run services benefit of its membership and is a not for profit organisation. It represents the views of both tenures (tenants and leaseholders).

Cedars Estate is a medium size TMO, located within the London Borough of Lambeth with 382 units of various sizes spread over 3 parallel roads, Victoria Rise, Cedars Road and Lyncott Crescent, and a purpose built garage area off The Chase.

Our TMO is managed by a Management Committee currently consisting of 10 members who are all tenants or leaseholders from the estate. Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and some can be co-opted through the year to fill vacancies.

Over the last 5 years CETRA has attracted over £750,000 worth of investment to the estate by lobbying the council for this money. This has funded works to the Spalling concrete repairs, new roofs, updated central heating boilers, paving work, security gates under the staircases and CCTV. We currently have 3 CCTV cameras and will investigate the option of updating the system and adding additional cameras.

The TMO has also carried out extensive major works from 2008 to date using its own surplus. This has included new front doors, new shed doors, tarmac works, kitchen improvements, external redecoration, the introduction of a community organic garden and other estate wide improvements.

We are continuously looking for ways to maintain and improve the estate, keeping our resident’s interests at heart.




We offer a range of services for the day-to-day running of the estate. Our services include:

• Responsive repairs and maintenance through the services of a directly employed Caretaker handy person supported by contractors appointed by the TMO;
• Providing a cleaning service through a contractor appointed by the TMO;
• Maintaining the grassed areas, and shrubs carried out by a contractor appointed by the TMO;
• Managing and preparing void properties for re-letting (up to value of £5,000);
• Identifying the need for major works and lobbying the Council to programme these works;
• Dealing with tenancy management issues including investigation into complaints of anti-social behaviour, unlawful occupancies, breach of tenancy or lease agreement, residents disputes, and referring the matter to Lambeth Council for further action when appropriate;
• Pest Control
• legal action for breaches of tenancy and rent arrears

The Council retains responsibility for the structure of the buildings, windows, major works, refuse collection, tree maintenance and foul sewers.


If a tenant/leaseholder calls or visits the office we will:

• Aim to answer their call within five rings

• divert their phone to a colleague

• tell them our organization and give them our name when we answer

• return their phone calls within two working days or when they ask us to

• welcome them and offer assistance to help

• provide a pleasant, clean, tidy reception area

• keep reception waiting times as short as possible for customers without an appointment

• If we have an appointment with a resident we will see them within 20 minutes of their appointment time

• ensure everyone can gain easy access to our services.


All tenants and leaseholders over the age of 18 are entitled to becoming a shareholder. As a shareholder, you will have a chance to be involved in the decision making of what happens on the estate by buying a share of £1.00. However, the TMO delivers services to all of the residents on the estate, whether they are members or not.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a shareholder, contact the office.



The TMO is managed by a Management Committee who are elected at the Annual General Meeting, though members may be co-opted through the year to fill vacancies.

There are currently 10 committee members made up of tenants, leaseholders and non-resident leaseholders.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a committee member, contact the office.