Organisation Structure



The structure is flat with all staff reporting to the Housing Manager who reports directly to the Chair and Management Committee. The intention is to retain this structure during the next three years.

The staffing structure is as follows:

                                                   Organisation structure Pic 2


We are keen to ensure that our staff understands the ethos of our organisation and will aim to hold regular opportunities for the staff team and committee members to get together on an informal basis with a view to creating a one team approach. The TMO chair will be responsible for ensuring that staff appraisals are carried out promptly and effectively. The Housing Manager will conduct appraisals for the staff team and develop a staff training programme for approval of the TMO committee.


We will continue to develop a positive working relationship with our partners including our neighbouring TMOs and the Council. We will support the Council in its monitoring and review processes and ensure that the service we provide meets and where possible exceeds the required standards.
We will further develop links with other agencies such as the Police, Social Services and community and support organisations to support our objectives of effective, caring management and bringing the community together.