Get to know more about your tenancy

When you signed your tenancy agreement, you entered into a legal contract and became a tenant of Lambeth Council. You should always keep a copy of the tenancy agreement.

Though CETRA is here to help you with any issues you may have regarding your property or tenancy, it is still helpful for you to have a good understanding of your tenancy.

Get to know more about your tenancy and know your rights and responsbilities as a

Lambeth tenant.


Register for the new Lambeth Council tenant account

You can now have easier access to your accounts and various housing services via the new Lambeth tenant account  – please click the following link for further information and registration Lambeth Council tenant account information

To login into an exisiting Lambeth Council tenant account or a MyLambeth account and to read further information on both account types including the benefits of registering, just click the following Lambeth account registration