Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

After a repair has been completed, CETRA’s Repairs & Monitoring Officer or contractors should give residents a satisfaction slip to sign to show that the work has been completed.

At a later date, CETRA will follow up with a satisfaction form to check that residents are satisfied with the works carried out for their reported fault. These forms are sent to the property and can be returned in the following ways:

• Bringing the form back during office hours
• Putting the form through the letterbox – available outside of hours
• Over the phone
Submit online

It is important that residents return this form so that CETRA and Lambeth Council can monitor the quality levels of all repairs that are carried out and push for improvements where necessary. It also gives residents an opportunity to alert CETRA of any problems that may have occurred during or after the repair.

You can report a repair by contacting the office or completing the online form